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Welcome, creativity seeker

The days of having to work harder are over. When it comes to our work, we need to be smarter, more creative and more innovative. However, in order to innovate, we need creativity. After all, innovation is what happens when we capitalize on creativity.

Too quickly and too often, brainstorming sessions get bogged down with ‘idea killers’ such as: "We've already done that" or "If that was such a good idea, someone else would have thought of it by now" and every variation on these themes one can imagine. Sound familiar? If so, it’s high time to invest in the development of true creative thinking. Thinking 'out-of-the-box’ works when you do it according to the rules of the creative thought process. By applying creative thinking techniques, you will be able to discover the ideas you had thought impossible up to now.

A common (mis) perception is that creative thinking is reserved for the lucky few, for the truly creative. Nothing could be farther from the truth: everyone can think creatively, even you!

Creative thinking is not a requirement reserved exclusively for employees. In spite of this, how often do we see want ads for jobs that require the candidate to be creative? Do you actually know what you’re requiring of your employees, and if so, how do you measure this?

Modern techniques for applied creative thinking prove their value when complex problems arise such as developing products, defining strategy, solving technical or other problems, developing a renewed application.

Sjra Puts can help you to arrive at effective solutions to complex problems.

In addition to facilitating the processes, we will also teach you and your employees to get started on your own, so that you can develop a creative attitude that may be applied every day. In our training programs, we provide participants with useful techniques they can apply later. No weekend retreats where everyone shares their ‘ah-ha moments’, or teambuilding workshops where participants build their own ‘raft to happiness’. No walking over hot coals or positive thinking exercises either.

What we do offer are solid methods to help participants get started using techniques for applied creative thinking. Active and supportive special skills, the core theme of which is applied creative thinking. Together with you, we kick-start the creative thinking process, and most importantly, help you to keep it running.


Welcome to the beginning of the end of your problem